Adult learning and training services

Alastair provides assistance with strategic planning of training and resourcing, in an area such as a diocese, district or region.

He also provides design and leadership of adult learning and training covering the following subjects:

  • Handling and transforming conflict, including communicating more effectively
  • Understanding oneself better
  • Understanding emotional process, drawing on family systems theory
  • Learning process skills, including:
    • Facilitating better meetings
    • Making group decisions more effectively
    • Leading informal mediation process

Clergy support

Alastair provides work consultancy for individual church ministers, and ministry teams, to enable leaders to function sustainably and at their best. His approach draws on:

  • Family systems theory, developed by Murray Bowen
  • A coaching framework, having trained with 3D Coaching and others
  • A profiling tool, the Friendly Style Profile
  • Conflict theory and understanding, including power dynamics

Those Alastair typically works with are:

  • Ministers stepping up to more senior roles
  • Ministers experiencing a time of transition or a new stage of ministry
  • Ministers facing an unusually challenging or conflicted church context
  • Ministers who want to reflect self-critically, and seek to continue grow
  • Ministry teams which want to function more effectively as a group

Team-building and group facilitation

Alastair leads team-building workshops for ministry teams and leadership groups. The process involves each member of the team completing a profiling tool, the Friendly Style Profile, in advance. The workshop enables team members to affirm, appreciate and understand one another better, and to function more effectively as a team.

Alastair also facilitates meetings for groups and teams in situations where:

  • A difficult conversation is needed
  • A decision is needed, arrived at through a fair process to increase the chance of a wise and discerning outcome

Training the Trainers

If you are looking to train up a group of people in your ministry area or region, such as an Anglican Diocese, then Alastair can run a training programme to achieve this.  This includes:

  • Running a training course in the Growing Bridgebuilders training resource
  • Training others to use the Growing Bridgebuilders materials
  • Developing a strategic approach, and ongoing coaching of trainers

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